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This foreign word means "instant crowd" in Spanish and although it was not initially carried out for business purposes, today it is a strategy used for marketing purposes.

The purpose of this instant crowd effect is to surprise the spectators with a musical show  that for greater impact,The main objective of the flashmob as a BTL strategy is to generate impact and rapid visibility thanks to its easy expansion and virality. All this, through the diffusion of emotions, fun and surprise factor, which will ultimately translate into the loyalty of the followers and the memory of the brand, due to an association with positive feelings. This strategy is very profitable, since its cost is incomparable with an advertising investment in traditional media.

Here are some of the flashmobs we have done:

Flashmob at corporate event

Flashmob to the rhythm of Queen

Flashmob with the Symphony Orchestra in the Chabacano subway for a Once TV commercial.

ISSSTE Chemical Flashmob

Flashmob "Mexico in the Skin"

operatic mornings

Flashmob serenade to ask for marriage

Flashmob IPN Book Fair

Flashmob doctor's day

Proposal flashmob to the rhythm of Zoe

If you want information or a quote from a musician, ensemble or group, please send an email with your name, telephone number, date, time and place of the event, as well as the  musical option for which you find interested:
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