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Frequent questions


     Below you will find the most recurring questions regarding the services we offer, if you have any other questions or concerns please write to and we will gladly assist you:



How to know which service to hire?

      At Agencia de Musicos CDMX we have a wide catalog of live music services aimed mainly at entertaining, we have a virtual assistant who will show you the most appropriate according to the characteristics of your eventCLICK HERE TO START VIRTUAL ASSISTANTOr if you prefer, write us an email to and tell us what your event is about as well as your expectations and we will gladly give you suggestions.



What is the hiring procedure?

      To contract it is necessary to formalize the signing of a contract which implies a 50% advance, the remaining 50% is settled the day of the event in cash, the signing of the contract can be by email or in person at our offices prior date.



How to request a quote?

     It can be done digitally by sending an email to, or by calling 04455 51841347, to contact us you must provide us with the information of the event such as: place of the event, date and time of presentation, number of guests, required service, etc. With this information we will give you the budget. Each event has different requirements, so our attention is personalized.



How far in advance should I book?

    As soon as possible to ensure teachers have availability for your event


Do I necessarily have to give the advance?

     Yes, it is mandatory to ensure the presentation date.



Do you have audio equipment?

      In the case of solo musicians such as the violinist, saxophonist or singer, they bring a small sound system for 20 people,  if your event is for more people there are two options: the hall, party garden, group or DJ that you hired provide us with the audio or contract with us the extra audio equipment to cover the event.



Are they registered with the SHCP? Do they give an invoice?

     Yes, we are registered with the Treasury and we have electronic invoicing, if you want electronic invoicing the costs are plus VAT, it is invoiced in a single display.


Do you cover events inside the republic?

     Yes,  the Musicians Agency has a presence throughout the Mexican Republic, depending on the service required, the travel expenses of the musicians from CDMX must be considered.


Can I attend an event to see and hear your work?

      Yes, you can attend some events depending on availability, however on our page there are videos where you can see and hear the quality of our services.



If I contract several services, or several hours, is there a discount?

      Yes, if you contract two or more services or more than two hours there is a discount.

I am a musician, do you have a job bank?

      At the moment we do not have a job bank.

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