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Violinist in Ceremony Elizabeth Alvarez and Jorge Salinas


With Lucero in the Mañanitas to the Virgin


Soprano, violin and piano at Rebsamen school commemorative mass


String quartet in mass novel "Destilando Amor"


String Quartet in telenovela "Carita de Angel"


Cuarteto de cuerdas in baptism mass telenovela "el triunfo del amor"


Rebsamen School Mass 2022


Piano trio and two violins


Piano, cello, violin and soprano quartet



Relevant masses in which we have participated

Piano Quartet, two violins and soprano:


Quartet of soprano, piano and two violins with Sacred and Current music


Soprano, tenor, violin and piano


4 voice choir and piano


Soprano, violin and piano:


Violin, cello and piano


Harp and flute duet:


soprano and organ


harp and violin


Saxophone, violin and piano


Undercover singers at Mass


Mass Rociera


Harp, piano and violin and flute


String quartet and piano


Two violins, cello, piano and voice


Voice quartet, piano and violin


4-voice choir and chamber orchestra


Choir of 8 voices, piano and violin


Sextet of piano, harp, violin, flute, cello and soprano


Chamber, soprano and tenor orchestra (7-piece ensemble)


12 voice choir and orchestra


If you want information or a quote from a musician, ensemble or group, please send an email with your name, telephone number, date, time and place of the event, as well as the  musical option for which you find interested.
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