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These are some of our most requested packages, however we can also put together a package with other configurations and according to your needs, tastes and budget:

Versatile Group

We have different versatile group options, according to your tastes and budget. This package includes:


 - Versatile group of your choice playing 5 shifts of 45 minutes with 15 minute break




Religious ceremonies

- Soprano and Violinist or Piano


-Soprano, violin and organ


-Soprano, two violins and organ


-Soprano, Tenor two violins and organ


-Voice quartet, organ, two violins and cello




To Liven Up (For 1 hr)

-Singer or violinist with tracks


-Piano and Soprano 



- Violins

- Mariachi




- Norteno


-Flash mob (instrumental or with opera singers)


All inclusive




Soprano and violin duet for mass

1 hour DJ reception

1 hour Violins or Sax or Singer

5 shifts 45x15 Musical Group

1 hour Mariachi or Norteño

1 hour DJ turns or karaoke




Sound system

1 robotic head,

1 42" plasma screen,

exclusive souvenirs, batucada

classical production.


Gift (Subject to availability)

1 hr to liven up dinner with a violinist or singer.


Service for 7 hours




Other services

- Sparklers (Pyrotechnics-)

- CO2 (Confetti)

- Screen

- Projector

- Plasmas 42"

- Zanquero

- Karaoke (hours)





Exclusive Cotillion items, request our catalogHERE


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